The Long Journey to Home

Hazám, hazám.

Erkel Ferenc- Bánk bán. Mint száműzött- Simándy József előadásában

Metz Family Crypt

This is a picture of the Metz Family crypt in the cemetery at Piliscsaba, Hungary. My parents were buried here, also my father's first wife and my half-brother Rezso. This is the place, under the old pine trees, where I'm heading on the long and bumpy road of my life.
Two links are available for Piliscsaba:

Just about 35 years ago I had started to write a book. I still have these few pages written in Hungarian. My intention was to document some of our family background and history. Of course, I couldn't do it simultaneously with the tremendous task of raising my three small children all by myself. Now they're all adults and have their own families.

Please, do not get me wrong, I am not complacent at all. Looking back now I question myself: could I have done things differently? Just how many times did I make the wrong decisions, or did I make mistakes in my upbringing of the children?

I am sure I had made mistakes and quite a few of them. But when one is so young and inexperienced it is very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All one can do is rely on intuition and try to do one's best. And here is where Faith comes in, faith in the Almighty and in the strength of my family.

The idea for this site started when I found myself in a conversation about the First World War. Someone pointed me to a very informative web site and from there I started searching and found a web page about my father. Time for me to finish my task, so here it is:

  1. Home Page
  2. My Parents and our Family
  3. The Lean Years after World War II
  4. The Turning Point and Escape
  5. My new Family in a new Country
  6. Our New Life
  7. Visits and Achievements
  8. My Second Marriage
  9. Travels and Changes
  10. The Golden Years
  11. Reflections

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My latest venture is to translate into English, as well as providing a Hungarian version, a true story recounted by a friend from my youth of the troubled times we lived through. Do please look at it by clicking Memoire.

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