A beautiful and pristine dining room in a Hungarian country house

A beautiful and pristine dining room in a Hungarian country house.

For over two months now I have been toying with the idea of creating a web site about Hungarian cooking. I was remembering some of the simple dishes that I used to cook for my three growing children. However, to present the recipes now is not an easy task because I never followed written recipes; I had to create them from my memories! Of course, I had to remember the taste in order to add the right kinds and amounts of spices and ingredients. But this was never a problem, I think that if you are Hungarian then it is in your blood and my poor children never knew the difference.

Little Judy and Louis enjoying their Hungarian dinners, while Baby George (inset) still needs to grow a bit to participate.

When I was a young bride and we had just arrived in the States I made many blunders when preparing the evening meal, but, I had a good excuse I did not speak English and was unfamiliar with the local measurements. Eventually I got over my shortcomings and even invented new Hungarian dishes.

All Hungarian dishes are made from scratch. You just cannot go wrong if you buy the freshest ingredients and master the techniques needed to produce a satisfying dish. Here I will have some of my recipes and hopefully some pictures. I will have to trust my photographic abilities or borrow some if I can find appropriate ones. I need to mention also that some of my recipes will be from later in my life. This is intended to be a "fun" site for both of us.


My hope is that you will follow my thoughts by clicking through the recipes but I understand that many of you will be short of time, so if you wish to go straight to a list of the recipes please click HERE. The measurements in the Ingredients of the recipes are for four servings and are done in American measurements, if you wish you may convert to metric.

I have been asked to suggest menus so if you would like to see my suggestions please go to My Menus.

While I am working on this site, I think more and more about my dear Mother who taught me the basics of cooking and let me assist her in the kitchen when I was a little girl in the lean years, during and after WWII. She was a beautiful gentlewoman who lost her mother at a very early age, and was lovingly raised by her father and fraternal aunt as a baby of the family. Later on she became the pampered wife of my Father who died in 1943, when our world started to crumble. Unfortunately only few photos survived the war and the loss of our home in 1952, but I do not think this site would be complete without a picture of her from the earlier years.

This is a very dear but rather battered picture of Mother from the end of the 1920s.

If you would like to know more about me, please have a look at my blog and while there I'd love you to leave a comment.

I also feature a Family site, if you are interested just click on this link. The Long Journey to Home.

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