I'm planning to use this segment of my web site to present documented history from the life of my family members and close friends. I know very well this is not an easy task; probably it is much harder and more complicated than the writing of my own life story. What makes it even more difficult is the need to satisfy the bilingual requirement, for while my family here is English speaking, some of my relatives and the few remaining friends who live in Hungary do not speak this language.

When my dear childhood friend and playmate, Gyuri sent his Memoire to me, I got very excited and was looking forward with great anticipation to reading the typed-up Hungarian pages. After reading them over and over, I became completely overwhelmed with its content, his humor and style, which are presented in the classical "zamatos" (zesty) language of last century Hungary.

Gyuri with his family

Here is the Székely Family posing for the picture on the terrace of their home. Mother's and Father's attention seem to be elsewhere, Kazmer seems to be threatening his sister Zsuzsa's. Gyuri is a calm observer, and Arpad is just not happy. Klotildliget, 1950.

Pilicsaba station

I'm making a great effort here to translate most of his story to English; hopefully it will somewhat aid the reader who is not able to comprehend the brilliant original manuscript.

Please select the language you wish to read the accounts in. A paragraph heading will take you directly to the chosen paragraph in the appropriate language. If the shortcut doesn't work properly it means I haven't completed that section yet.

English Magyar
My BirthSzületésem
The Early YearsAz első évek
The Learning YearsTanuló évek
Marching to the WestVonulás nyugatra
Home AgainÚjra otthon
The PunishmentA Büntetés

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