It might be a bit harsh to label myself as an "amnesiac", but I kept these memories behind a firewall for more than 50 years when I had no time or the boldness to remember. I know there are quite a few people who can recall all the names and dates in the smallest itty-bitty things of their life, I'm certainly not one of them. My bits and pieces all have to be connected to a special impression or emotion that had been ignited by certain happenings or places. These are mainly my "Hungarian memories" and they have left deep marks in my soul while printing a vivid picture gallery in my brain. It contains a wide range of pictures - from my fun-loving but troubled childhood and youth - that I cannot describe with any other language but in Hungarian. Unfortunately the number of pictures dating to WWII and the communist occupation are limited - for they either got lost or were destroyed during these turbulent times of our lives.

I’m doing this mainly for myself but also hoping that some members of my family will get the time and make the effort to read this fragile memoir of mine.

’Emberi törvény kibírni mindent,            
S menni mindíg tovább.                       
Még akkor is ha nem élnek már benned
Remények és csodák.’                         

/Ernest Hemingway/